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Night of the Prog Festival (2006 - 2023)

Stage @ Dragonforce, Bochum, 2012

Without music, life would be a mistake.

( Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher )

Stage @ Spirit of 66, Verviers, 2012


These pages are NOT an ORDER CATALOGUE for so-called "bootlegs". Please do not ask us how to get in touch with tapers or traders. There are other sites on the internet for that purpose. Here the reader only gets hints WHAT is available, but NOT HOW to record a show or where to get the recordings from.

These pages contain information and detailed setlists of the concerts we have attended over the last few years. For this purpose we use simple mobile phone apps during a concert: a stopwatch with storage of split times and the memo function for notes. We meticulously compile many setlists ourselves; the Setlist.FM community often helps with missing titles. We took almost all the photos ourselves, otherwise the source is given.

A few personal thoughts on the topic of "taping and trading"...

In the meantime, there are probably recordings of almost all concerts of the last 10-15 years, so-called "audience recordings", which were made with simple technical means, often only with the voice recorder of a mobile phone. They are of very different quality, from "grotty" to "quite audible", but in no way to be compared with professional recordings. The vast majority of tapers understand a recording as a personal memory that must not be exploited commercially under any circumstances and thus must not be sold. The tapers are only interested in "having", not in making a financial profit. Many bands don't mind such recordings, some even encourage them and see them as advertising for themselves. But not everyone thinks that way and that should be respected.

Enthusiastic fans have been recording concerts since the late 1960s, and no law or metal detector will prevent them from making such recordings in the future. As long as the recordings of these concerts are not commercially distributed by the artists themselves, there is no financial loss for anyone. If an artist complains about the lousy sound or the lack of musical quality of a particular performance, then they had better think about their equipment or about practising more. You can't blame the tapers if a recording reveals the lack of artistic quality on stage.

We strongly encourage every user of these pages to buy any (or at least most) of the artists' official releases before trying to get hold of concert recordings. There must be no money involved in swapping activities, ever. Swapping commercial recordings is illegal in any case and therefore strictly forbidden. A true music lover only exchanges memories of beautiful concerts with others. See ya ... LIVE !

According to the first amendment to copyright law of September, 2003, anyone who illegally distributes copyrighted material is liable to prosecution. With the "Second Act to Regulate Copyright in the Information Society", which came into force on January 01, 2008, this situation is further intensified. According to this law, even the downloading of material from "obviously copyright-infringing" sources is punishable. Mere possession is not affected. For this reason, the exchange of concert recordings (so-called "trading") is not possible. Don't ask, it's useless. Blame it on the politicians, who, kneeling down to the music industry, are trying to criminalise every harmless music collector, even if he does no commercial damage with his simple recordings (added December 27,2007 / last updated November 07, 2022).

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A typical progressive rock audience (where are the ladies ?) on ProgRésiste Festival 2006 at Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgien.

Update 2018 : they're becoming more. The ladies discover prog music !!!

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