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Night of the Prog Festival (2006 - 2022)

Stage @ Dragonforce, Bochum, 2012

Without music life would be a fault.

( Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher )

Stage @ Spirit of 66, Verviers, 2012


This site provides some information about concerts that we have visited during the last years. The information given here tells the reader what IS available somewhere, NOT HOW to tape a show or where to get the recording. The site does NOT serve as a catalogue for ordering so called "bootlegs". Please do not ask us to help you get in touch with tapers or traders. There are other places around on the web handling those things.

Nevertheless most of the shows have been recorded by someone. These live recordings were taped right from the audience with only simple equipment. Their quality varies a lot and they are not comparable to professional recordings. They serve as personal recollections not made for any commercial use. Neither is there any chance to buy them nor should they be sold elsewhere.

Since the late 60's shows have been recorded by music enthusiasts and no law or metal detector will keep these guys from taping in the future. As long as recordings of these concerts won't be released officially by the artists, noone looses a buck. If an artist is complaining about the poor sound or the lack of musical quality on this specific concert, he or she should think about using better equipment or doing more practicing. Don't blame it on the tapers when there are wrong notes to be heard.

We strongly encourage every user of this site to buy every (or at least most) official release of the band BEFORE he or she even thinks about trying to get live recordings. No money is involved in trading activities, never ever. Trading of commercially available albums is of course illegal and therefore strictly prohibited. The true music lover shares with others only his memories of some wonderful concerts. See ya ... LIVE !

Due to new copyright law in Germany and EU from January 1, 2008, the illegal distribution, not posessing so far, of copyright protected work is strictly forbidden. This implicates, that we DO NOT TRADE any concert recordings. Don't ask, it's useless. Blame it on the politicians, because they try to criminalize every music collector with their bending down before the music industry, even if noone makes a buck with these simple recordings (added on December 27,2007).

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A typical progressive rock audience (where are the ladies ?) on ProgRésiste Festival 2006 at Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgien.

Update 2018 : they're becoming more. The ladies discover prog music !!!

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